Introductory Post

Hello, I'm Enrico Bertino, and this is the blog I'll be using to track my work for Google Summer of Code 2017. The project will consist in rifare the neural network package with a focus on convolutional neural networks. Here my proposal.

Something about myself: I’m an Mathematical Engineering student and I live in Milan. After a BSc in Politecnico di Milano I did a master double degree both in Ecole Centrale de Nantes, France, and Politecnico di Milano. In the two years in France I attended engineering classes with spec in virtual reality and in Italy I am enrolled in the last year of MSc major Statistics and Big Data.

During my project, I will leverage on the Pytave project in order to exploit Python code for the implementation of the package. This is almost necessary because nowadays there is a strong tendency to open-researching in the deep learning field, where even the biggest companies release their frameworks and open their code. The level of this resources is very high, mostly for frameworks and APIs on Python, such as Tensorflow. This integration will allow us to guarantee a continuous updating on neural networks improvement and leading to a greater focus on Octave interface. In this sense, letting Octave coexist with Tensorflow, we will exploit their synergy and reach fast consistent goals.

As of now, I tested the integration of Tensorflow via Pytave. I have come across some problems of variable initialization in Ubuntu 16.04, whereas everything works fine on macOS Sierra. I will perform different tests in order to be be sure it works before starting the implementation of the package. Here my repository.


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